Genny and Mark's Wedding!

This past weekend Darin and I traveled up to Bismarck, ND for my friends Genny and Mark's wedding. It was a chilly 45 degrees when we landed and it snowed during the ceremony. SNOW! In September! Despite the cold, we had a great time. The wedding was beautiful and, yes, I cried. Genny's family was incredibly welcoming and definitely know how to throw a party, or I should say parties. After the wedding on Friday night, her family threw a "One Day Anniversary" party in one of the Cashman Nursery greenhouses. It was a great vacation and we hope to see the two of them again soon!

Our new puppy!

Meet Henry! We adopted him from the Animal Protection Society on Tuesday. We don't know about his history, only that he was abandoned and that he is some sort of shepherd mix. They think he's about 4-5 months old and will be much smaller than a shepherd. So far, he has been a dream. He's a little timid and still doesn't understand stairs or leashes. He doesn't bark or whine and sleeps through the night. Amazing! He keeps Darin company while I'm in class during the day. He's such a cutie and we love him already.

Before and After

Today was Jack and Oli's first day at their new preschool. They humored me by sitting on the porch for a picture this morning even though they were in such a big hurry to get their day started (Jack was pretty much ready to go by 7:15 this morning). They had a great morning at school and were so wiped out they laid pretty low for the afternoon. They got their second wind after dinner so Jack and I took The Flash to the park to blow off some steam before bed. And yes, I enjoyed my 4 hours of freedom this morning, too :)

Belmont Street Fair

We had a fun outing to the Belmont Street Fair on Sunday. Belmont is right at the end of our street and it was awesome to have all this excitement right in our neighborhood. The highlights: balloon pirate swords, teddy bear surgery, giant caterpillar, and adorable Baby Everett!

Jack's Future Wife (I kid - sort of)

Well, we are just exhausted. Jack's best buddy from back home, Ella (and her mom / my buddy, Katie) came to visit us for a few days here in the big city. And we really did it up, if I do say so myself. Between eating at our neighborhood pancakery, playing at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, visiting the Oregon Zoo, where Katie and I were unceremoniously ambushed by brightly colored birds, visiting the boys' school for orientation and organizing a night hike in the park complete with s'mores made with these frightfully enormous marshmallows, Jack and Ella barely had time to just relax on the porch and talk, but they managed to sneak a few minutes in. It's no wonder that Jack burst into tears when we dropped them off at the airport - how lucky he is to have such a great friend at such a young age. Thanks for visiting, ladies! We miss you (again) already! 

I'll take that. Thanks.

My wedding dress.


This past weekend Darin and I drove up to Washington, DC so that Darin could attend the American Political Science Association annual meeting. While he was in meetings I explored a little of DC saw this beauty at the National Museum of American History. It's Michelle Obama's Inaugural gown. The First Ladies Exhibit was clearly where I spent most of my time in the museum. However I did also check out Julia Child's kitchen at the same museum (see below).

Julia's Kitchen

Bon Appetit!


This guy decided the window next to our breakfast nook table was the perfect place for an early afternoon snack. He was even thoughtful enough to orient his web so I could get this picture from inside my house, so I wouldn't have to barf from being close to him without a layer of glass between us. The boys were fascinated, and watched him enjoy his last meal for several minutes, before I shooed them away to go play so Aaron could discreetly execute him. In memoriam, gross spider.

Oregon Coast

We took a quick trip over to the coast for the weekend and we had a great adventure. In about 36 hours, we drove about 300 miles, toured a cheese factory, ate and ate and ate again, played on two beaches, saw (and heard) lots of sea lions, hit up ripley's believe it or not and the aquarium, and explored the harbor. Now, we are home, wiped out and excited for the next coast trip, when we will hopefully have better weather and a few more days to enjoy it!

Cute Cousins

As if this photo weren't enough to make you swoon just from the sheer cuteness, scroll down to get to the REALLY good stuff :)

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