Family photos

Family photos

They're Getting Married!

We are all so happy for Kristin and Darin, who got engaged today! Kristin was taken completely by surprise and Darin says she hesitated slightly before she said yes, but it's definitely on! Congratulations to the happy couple!

This is Your Captain Speaking

Jack and I toured the USS Blueback at OMSI. Jack got to drive both ends of the ship, and did an impromptu martial arts performance on the dock.

Riverside Jack

Put Me in the Zoo

So, I had been under the impression that I just had to hold on until Saturday for the sun to make an appearance. However, this morning in the paper, I saw that today would be our only shot at sunshine for another week! Well. I threw the breakfast in a baggie, the kids and stroller in the station wagon, and pretty much left tire marks on the driveway in my haste to ensure that we would not miss one minute of our fleeting chance to be outside without rain slickers and galoshes!

We pretty much had a blast. The Oregon Zoo is really fun, the exhibits are designed so you can really see the animals, and my only gripe is that when our double stroller is loaded down with two boys and a diaper bag, it is pretty much impossible to push up the winding hills that make up the zoo's weirdly multi-level layout. We spent all day and the kids napped in traffic on the way home. Now, a bath and early bed time for all. The only thing missing from an almost-perfect adventure was Aaron!

Our Visit

We had a really great time together in California.  It's not that often that we get daddy to ourselves for that long!  It was so nice to escape to the beach for a few days to relax together.  We could have definately done without the long car ride... probably won't be doing that for awhile...

Our New House, Part 1

Hi everyone! Here is the first installment of photos of our new house. This batch pretty much covers the main floor. Things are still pretty crazy, but the fine tuning is coming along slowly but surely. I decided to try to distract you from the mess and chaos in the photos by strategically placing cute "props" in the foreground of my compositions :) Enjoy! Up next: upstairs.

Neela and the Batmen

By day, they're Neela, Roli, Jack, Elliott and Oliver. By night, they're a band of miniature super heroes known as Neela and the Batmen.

Let's go over to Oliver, with the Weather

Oli's favorite OMSI exhibit today was the weathercaster training. He happened to be wearing a solid green shirt, which made his head appear to float on the TV screen (look in the bottom-right corner of the TV screen above Oli's head). He was completely mesmerized.

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