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Walking the doggies on Christmas

We have had such beautiful sunshine here for Christmas weekend!  I'm sorry that some of you East of us have had such crazy weather!  Though its cold, the sunshine is still so enjoyable!  We got to go for a nice walk on Christmas Day.  As you can see, Halle is so in love with doggies.

Christmas Eve & Morning

Hungry Hungry Hippos was a hit :)

On Christmas morning, Halle had to use her new scissors to cut all of the ribbons off before she would tear into the presents. Pretty Cute. 

My first Movie

We went to The Princess and The Frog on Wednesday for a playdate with her friend Hannah (who also has a trach).  I wasn't sure how she would do, but they were SO adorable and sat through the whole movie.  It was amazing to see my baby acting like such a big girl!  She and Hannah were holding hands and giving kisses each other... both thrilled with the others company.  It was great to see Halle relating and feeling such a bond with another little girl, kind of like the way a brother/sister would.  She just kept looking up at me with the biggest smile on... like I can't believe we get to watch a movie on such a GIANT screen without any other interuptions and with Hannah!  It was a great moment for me as a mom :)

Santa's Lap

About two minutes after this sweet encounter, Jack stopped dead in his tracks in the crowded mall and shouted, "Oh! Oh! Oh no! I forgot to tell Santa that I'm a GOOD BOY!!!!!"

Christmas Haircuts

It had been so long since the boys would agree to haircuts, but today the stars aligned and Jack even told the stylist that he was ready to be done with long hair and try something "pokier." I'm proud of my brave little men, and shocked at how different a haircut can make them look!

Just a Little Update

Hi, there. Just thought I'd upload a bunch of recent pics for your viewing enjoyment. These are from a couple different days. First, you see Jack and Oli being really good helpers decorating the tree. This is the first year they really wanted to examine every ornament and talk about Santa and stuff, and that was fun. Luckily, though, our tree is tiny, so the whole process took about 12 minutes and then it was back to the usual, super heroes and transformers and whatnot.

Next, there are some shots from our recent adventure weekend in Kellogg, where we stayed in a condo for a couple nights and played with our friends the Swains. Many of you have heard stories about Jack's true love / future wife (no pressure, of course, but I wouldn't mind), Ella. So now you get to see a few pics of the kids in action. We had a great time. There was no snow to speak of, but the resort has a huge indoor waterpark, so all five (!) of our various combined offspring managed to have a blast.

'Tis the Season...

...for dressing the dog in a goofy sweater and posting random, unintentionally funny photos of our children on the web site.

Panama City, Panama

The last part of our trip we spent in Panama City.

Scuba Diving!

Darin tried out scuba diving while we were on the island.

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