Scary Day

I had a little scare yesterday, and ended up in the hospital. Everything is OK now, just to spare you any suspense, but the whole day sucked, especially because Aaron was out of town camping with the Boy Scouts so I was kind of on my own. The short version of the story is that I felt kind of weird all day, just super tired and not at all like myself. I had symptoms that kept getting worse throughout the day, like dizziness, racing heart, cold sweats, nausea, really bad heartburn, stuff like that and then around 5 pm I started feeling like there was this really intense pressure on my chest and I could not breathe. So I called Kristin (Aaron's sister) and asked her to take me to the hospital. They checked the baby's heartbeat first thing and it sounded good and strong, so I was able to relax a little bit and laid down for about an hour while they ran all these blood tests and did an EKG. They said the EKG was slightly abnormal and there was something not right about my liver function. Once I started feeling like I could breathe again they let me go home. They said what probably happened is that my stomach is squished by the baby, which causes the bad heartburn, and my diaphragm is squished by the baby, which causes reduced lung volume. Then add on top of that my asthma and worst allergy season ever, and voila, I feel like crud. Plus, then I probably panicked myself into a frothy little frenzy because I didn't know what was going on and I was so worried I was going to lose the baby and Aaron wouldn't even be here and on and on, you get the point. Kind of embarrassing, but I'm glad it wasn't something more serious. They're going to do some more tests and follow up with me next week. So, I am still feeling a little yucky at times throughout the day but at least I know not to panic and they gave me an allergy prescription that is safe for the baby and I also discovered that standing in the shower and breathing the steam seems to help relieve some of the pressure on my chest too.

The best part of the story is that when Kristin brought me home from the hospital, Aaron was in the driveway. I hadn't called him because he was supposed to be hours away for at least another day and I didn't want him to just worry about it because there was nothing he could do anyway. But there he was, the group had decided they all wanted to come home early. I was so relieved, I felt like he had somehow known that I needed him and I burst into tears I was so happy. I have never been so glad to see someone who hasn't showered, shaved or brushed his teeth in a week!

Lots of exciting things are happening in the next couple weeks. We are having an ultrasound in a couple days and we will find out the baby's gender, and then we also are starting natural childbirth classes (Bradley Method), and so that should provide plenty of entertaining content. I will try to get Aaron to take my picture here in the next couple days, because the last picture on here is a mere shadow of the woman I am now :)

Nothing to complain about these days

So it has been a couple weeks since I wrote and a lot has changed. I have definitely turned the second trimester corner and I'm starting to feel pretty darn good. No more morning sickness and a bit of a boost in energy. I like food again so that's fun but I have to remind myself that I can't just eat everything in sight or the doctor will yell at me for getting too fat. Here are the things I crave (in no particular order):

- banana milkshakes from Paul Bunyan
- beef jerky
- chocolate milk (and sometimes plain milk too)
- watermelon
- things with barbeque sauce
- coconut shrimp from Outback
- iced tea

Actually I did think of a couple teeny-tiny things to complain about but they are really little. One is that it's starting to get harder to find a comfortable sleeping position and the other is that my bellybutton aches from being stretched out in all directions. But that's it and so I think overall I am kind of starting to get into this experience and am ready for it to be really fun. Today I bought a book on natural childbirth and I'm going to read and find out if it seems like it might be worth it or if I'd rather just have the drugs. That's all for now, we'll probably be posting another picture soon since it's been over a month.

I Have Always Been a Worrier

Pregnancy does weird things to my head. I have always been a worrier by nature, but lately I have taken the liberty of blaming my neuroses on hormones. For example, I go to the doctor about once every 4 weeks from now until right before the baby is born but a month seems like an awfully long time because I think of a lot of things to stress about in between appointments. Right now I am obsessing about the results of my totally routine blood tests which I won't learn the results of until my next appointment in 2 weeks (although maybe if there were something tragically wrong with me they would call me?). I am also worrying about the trip we have planned to Seattle this weekend to visit Aaron's sister at college. I am just worried I will feel cruddy and/or not get enough sleep and those things will make me cranky and then everyone will wish I had stayed home.

10 Weeks Photo

10 Weeks Photo

OK well one of our baby books recommended that we start taking pictures to document the miracle of me becoming as big as a house over the next few months. Other people may get more joy out of watching my belly swell than I will, but I'm sure I'll one day be glad we kept track. I haven't gained any weight yet, but I definitely feel I'm getting bigger in the midsection and am wearing sweatpants most days to accomodate.

It's been about a month since we had our first ultrasound, which confirmed that this pregnancy is in the right place. That was important since I had to have surgery late last year for a tubal pregnancy and we certainly hope we won't have to go through that ever again but there is an increased risk for me for all future pregnancies so I had to have an early ultrasound. But anyway, like I said the ultrasound was great and our estimated due date is November 8. Physically, I feel pretty cruddy but emotionally I am very happy and looking forward to all the new adventures that are on the way!

Back Story

We're having a baby! That's right, Sarah and Aaron will soon become parents. Soon is a relative term, as Sarah is only 10 weeks pregnant as I write. We are both very excited, although still somewhat nervous. We waited quite a while before telling family and friends, knowing from experience that there are still risks involved.

Sarah has been having morning all-day sickness for several weeks. She's being a real champ about it, though. We both can't wait for the second trimester to start... that's when she's supposed to start feeling better, we hear.

We've started writing in our "Love Letters to My Baby." The book is intended to be from Sarah, but I'm contributing my two cents as well. It asks all kinds of questions about how we found out we were pregnant, when we decided to try, etc, etc. We're thinking we'll save the completed book to present on baby's 8th birthday.

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