Our New Apartment!

Here's our new Palo Alto apartment. Haven't taken any pictures of the unit from outside yet...but the landscaping is still being done so that will come later. So far we really like it here and may consider extending our rent for the whole year. We miss you all TERRIBLY and can't wait for everyone to come visit us here. We send our love from Californina!


Looks great, you guys! Sounds

Looks great, you guys! Sounds like your neighborhood is cool, too. Can't wait to come visit! D- would it kill you to smile for a picture? :)

Looks so great you guys!!!

Looks so great you guys!!!  Heard you got an extra outlet :)  I think my favorite part is the bike rack.  I couldn't imagine it when you were building it Darin, but its perfect in there!  Miss you guys so much already.  Spent the last two weekends at the cabin and it just doesn't feel the same without you and Harry.  Hope you are settling well.  xoxo


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