It would probably be an ok time to write something all mushy and sentimental here, and if I'm being honest, I am totally feeling mushy and sentimental about all this and let's just say tears have been shed. But actually, this is so awesome. He's so excited, already loves his teacher, knows a couple kids in his class from preschool, literally could not wait for me to get the hell out of there this morning so he could get down to The Brass Tacks of Kindergarten. So, way to go, Jack! You're growing up great and doing exactly what you should be doing and I'm proud of you (and if I'm crying it's only because I'm so freaking excited!!!!). Love, Mama


Great pictures!  Shedding a

Great pictures!  Shedding a few tears myself. . . proud of Jack, proud of Olliver, proud of their parents.  Zaidy

I have been thinking of you

I have been thinking of you all week Jack and wondering how your first day went.  You look so mature in these pictures.  We love you and miss you and are so excited for your first year of school!  xoxo


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