Dining Room to Play Room Conversion: Open for Business!

So, I forgot to take "Before" photos for you all, but I think my mad skills at wordsmithing can set the scene: it used to be a big beige room with six chairs and a big table covered in papers, craft supplies, and for some inexplicable reason, rain gear. Also, let me first announce that this is still a bit of a work in progress. As you can see, a lot of toys haven't moved into their new shelfy homes yet and taken over my beautiful color-coded arrangement of books. There's not a lot on the walls yet, and that is mainly because these walls are made of 90-year old plaster (including horse hair insulation!), and so every time you try to insert nail or screw, basically a big chunk falls on to the floor. I also have some delightful floor carpet tiles on order, so eventually I will be able to remove the blue tape the is currently the Line of Demarcation where toys are not allowed to impede safe passage through to the kitchen. You get the idea.

Based solely on the count of how many strangers on public transportation and in random stores the boys have told about their new play room being "FINALLY Open for Business," I think the work is going to pay off big time over the next few years. They have pretty much spent every waking hour in there for the past few days.

Also, I cannot take all the credit here. Aaron basically blew off work for the last week so he could be around to console me when big pieces fell off the wall or I discovered that none of our walls are formed in anything remotely resembling straight lines or regular angles. He installed this awesome new light fixture and lent muscles galore to the construction process. And also Jack was pretty helpful too. He even helped me level and hang that chair rail above the chalk board, so it was a total family effort, and I think we are all pretty psyched about it!


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